Years ago when I started this blog I intended it as an online thought-space to analyze perfume and process my feelings as my family prepared to be ex-patriots living in the UK. We never did leave the US, although we did move twice and I did write hundreds of posts about perfume.

I’m restarting this blog. I’ll review my current perfume collection bottle by bottle on occasion. And, I’ll certainly share my thoughts. We may still even live in the UK or Dublin for half a year or so in the not so distant future. We’ll see.

I’m still working on my writing. If I publish anything I’ll let you know in a post. One of my cousins published a work of science fiction in the last couple of years and I feel encouraged to push myself to finish my novel sooner than later. Time goes by very quickly, doesn’t it?

Well, that’s all I suppose. It’s been a rough last year for the whole world, of course, and that’s putting it mildly. Please take care.